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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Competition for the most beautiful teenager?

There are plenty of ridiculous groups on facebook, but this page, which displays pictures of half naked teens (of both genders, so at least the admins aren’t discriminating!) and deems one “the most attractive”, really takes the cake. Occasionally, there’s a picture with an inspirational caption like “say no to racism!!!”, but no amount of feel-good mantras can detract from the shallowness that is this page.  In the interest of time, I’ll condense what would otherwise be a steamy, ten paragraph long rant into a list of my issues with this competition. 

1. It reinforces the idea that being beautiful is worthy of high praise. It certainly is worth noting, but it’s not like being pretty is as useful as being good at math or being able to write well. 

2. It promotes a narrow conception of what beauty is. I swear, all the female winners look exactly the same. All the male winners look exactly the same. 

3. It sexualizes teenagers, which is kind of disgusting. I’m not saying that teenagers can’t be sexy, but should there really be an album of half naked minors available on facebook for perverts to peruse? 

4. It encourages girls to get slutty. Technically, the competition is for the most “beautiful” teenager, but there was clearly a miscommunication; most of the pictures are of girls in tight dresses or low cut tops and booty shorts… trust me, the beauty of each girl’s face is not the focus. 

I’d rather make sweeping statements than lash out at the individual pictures… so I’m done. I encourage you all to check out the page (search “Competition for the most beautiful teenager” on facebook) and see what you think! 

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