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Being a girl is awesome at all ages, and it’s super unfortunate that teenagers and young girls in general are so often left out of feminist conversations. Being in college doesn’t make you any better or smarter than teenagers; even being a CEO of some Fortune 500 company doesn’t make you any better or smarter than teenagers. Teenage girls don’t live in Girl World that’s contained in the hallways of high schools and in the blogosphere. They live in the Real World, they’re part of the Real World. Their perspectives are as important as those of women of all ages, if not more important because they’re among the most marginalized. Girls deserve spaces to express themselves in the Real World too.

birthday shenanigans

birthday shenanigans


sext: i want to pay bills and share household duties and approach our late 20’s in a financially and emotionally stable way with you

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Melicoccus bijugatus, commonly known as the ‘Genip.’

Grows like a grape. 

Peels like a tangerine.

Tastes like a mango.

Has a pit like a peach.

sounds like a pain in the ass

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